Bangalore BLues - Radha Thomas & Aman Mahadjan

March 10, 2020 - 523 views

The Radha Thomas Jazz Ensemble is considered one of the topmost jazz bands in India and Radha Thomas herself is bar far one of the country’s most beloved jazz vocalists, with a wide career spanning many years. She arranges and composes original music and interprets jazz in a unique way to reflect India’s mighty contributions to the art form.
The new album Bangalore Blues is her latest venture with Berklee-alumnus, piano player Aman Mahajan with whom she has worked for the past 10 years.
According to Thomas, “It all started as a Google search. I was looking for a piano player and found Aman just two streets away. A match made in musical heaven.” The pair met in 2011 and have been working steadily ever since, composing and playing music across India and Europe.
All the songs on Bangalore Blues have been composed and performed by Thomas and Mahajan, with Thomas having written all the lyrics. A few of the songs are either about missing Bangalore or hating it. The city tends to inspire that sort of extreme reaction in its residents.
Load Shedding for example relives the all too regular occurrence of a power cut in Bangalore. The government does not believe in warning its residents before turning out the lights. While one learns to live with it, many things can go wrong. The title track Bangalore Blues takes place on a snowy winter’s day in New York where Thomas longed for the jacaranda trees and greenness of home.
The cover artwork for the album has been created by cartoonist and chronicler of old Bangalore, Paul Fernandes, featuring that most memorable of city landmarks, the iconic Koshy’s restaurant.

After headlining as a singer in India’s most popular 1970s rock and roll band Human Bondage, whilst still in her teens, Radha developed a strong taste for jazz. She represented India at European jazz festivals and made her way to New York, the home of jazz, where she lived and performed for almost 20 years with such musicians as Michael Brecker, John Scofield, John Faddis, Alex Blake, Buddy Williams and many others in some of NYCs most famous clubs.


Aman is an Indian pianist, composer and bandleader, playing improvised music across a diversity of musical idioms. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Boston, he is influenced by traditional and contemporary music from around the world – including jazz, folk, classical and electronic styles – and deeply inspired by a sense of unity and connection. Besides performing extensively all the time he teaches piano at leading music schools.

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