Carol Albert - Stronger Now (Release Jan 31, 2020)

February 02, 2020 - 766 views

Healing is a process and there is no substitute for time. As we move through each phase, we grow stronger. Carol Albert has been very open about her recovery from the unexpected loss of her husband in 2014, letting go on the soul-soothing album “Fly Away Butterfly.”

On the cover of “Stronger Now,” we see that Carol’s radiant smile has returned. The delicate, gossamer wings of a butterfly have evolved into powerful, feathery wings, mighty and capable of fending for herself while gracefully soaring to new heights. And that is exactly what the award-winning composer, pianist, keyboardist and vocalist does on “Stronger Now,” which she produced with two-time GRAMMY® winner Paul Brown and Lew Laing.

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