Elevate Europe 2020 Tour Kicks off In UK

December 20, 2019 - 281 views
Having kicked off their first ever European trek in 2014 with a London residency at Ronnie Scott’s,
followed by a brace of dates at the Jazz Cafe when they returned in 2017, Lettuce’s latest visit to
the UK sees them start their ‘Elevate Europe 2020’ tour with concerts in Glasgow and London.
See our online diary for further info 
Known for their incendiary live shows, Lettuce is a powerhouse collective who have brought a
new vitality to classic funk. Comprised of a stellar group of musicians - drummer and percussionist
Adam Deitch, guitarist Adam ‘Shmeeans’ Smirnoff, bassist Erick ‘Jesus’ Coomes, keyboard
player and vocalist Nigel Hall, saxophonist Ryan Zoidis and trumpet player Eric ‘Benny’ Bloom -
the Grammy Award winning sextet blend their talents into a distinctive new sound, infusing
psychedelic sonics, blissful grooves, jazz rhythms and hip-hop inspired beats.
Released in June 2019, the recently Grammy nominated album ‘Elevate' was recorded with the
legendary engineer Russell Elevado (D’Angelo, The Roots, Erykah Badu) and produced by the
band at Colorado Sound Studio near Denver. The sixth Lettuce studio album, it is a dynamic
showcase of their ever-changing and all-inclusive musical palette.
‘Elevate' features the singles ‘Krewe’, ‘Love Is Too Strong’ and ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The
World’, the last of which is a chilled-out take on the Tears For Fears classic. A video for it is
available now at: youtu.be/YoucrL3-ZoM . The album also sees Lettuce explore the roots of their
sound with another cover in the form of the hi-octane ‘Ready To Live’, written by Lydia Pense of
Cold Blood. Along with the singles, plus the tracks ‘Royal Highness’, ’Trapezoid’ and ‘Shmink
Dabby’, it has received a number of plays across national and regional BBC Radio.
The funk/jazz/soul/jam/psychedelic/hip-hop/art-rock/ambient/avant-garde/experimental collective
maintains its eclectic, free-wheeling approach on ‘Elevate' while embracing a progressive and
futuristic vibe, with elements of Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Brian Eno and Miles Davis detected
in their new music.   
Adam Deitch: drums, percussion
Adam ‘Shmeeans’ Smirnoff: guitar
Erick ‘Jesus’ Coomes: bass
Ryan Zoidis: alto, baritone and tenor sax, Korg X-911
Eric ‘Benny’ Bloom: trumpet, horns
Nigel Hall: vocals, Hammond B-3, Rhodes, clavinet, keyboards


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