Sarah Elgeti - Dawn Comes Quickly (Release Feb 21, 2020)

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Sarah Elgeti, a talented jazz tenor-saxophonist, flutist, clarinetist and arranger-composer from Denmark, leads her quartet and treasured associates on a set of her originals

Musicians: Sarah Elgeti - tenor saxophone, flute, bass clarinet, Sidsel Storm - vocals, Alexander Kraglund - violin, Søren Birkelund - clarinet, Marianne Cæcilia Eriksen - baritone saxophone, Nils Raae - keys, harmonica, Anders Krogh Fjeldsted - bass,
Henrik Holst Hansen - drums 


A multi-talented musician, Sarah Elgeti has led her own quartet since 2007, composing, arranging and playing her own brand of modern jazz inspired by her Scandinavian upbringing. On Dawn Comes Quietly, she has expanded her crew (Nils Raae on keyboards and harmonica, bassist Anders Krogh Fjeldsted, and drummer Henrik Holst Hansen) with four hand-picked musical guests, each of which, in both sound and character, contributes to Elgeti’s own compositions. The four friends/guest musicians are: Sidsel Storm (vocal), Alexander Kraglund (violin), classical virtuoso Søren Birkelund (clarinet) under whom Sarah studied the clarinet, and Marianne Eriksen (baritone saxophone). 

Sarah Elgeti, who has original sounds on tenor sax, flute, and bass clarinet, takes advantage of the additional tone colors made available by the inclusion of her guests to arrange and compose some truly beautiful ensembles, particularly in the blend of her flute, Birkelund’s clarinet, Kraglund`s violin and Eriksen`s baritone. Among the highlights on the 11 memorable originals are “Magical Thinking” which is a particularly rewarding feature for her writing for woodwinds, the interplay between Raae’s harmonica and Elgeti’s tenor during “Changing Whispers,” the moody groove set by the keyboards on “A Lot Of People – A Lot Of Sad Stories,” and the medium-tempo minor blues “Crazy Destiny” which has swinging harmonica, tenor and drum solos. Sidsel Storm’s vocals are an extra bonus; her voice is particularly memorable on the moody yet optimistic “Autumn.”

As for Sarah Elgeti, she has fine showcases for her very original tenor on “Gather Courage” and “Snow,” her flute interacts with Eriksen’s baritone on “Introspection,” and she creates a full set of picturesque music. Sarah Elgeti originally played guitar and bass as a youth in Denmark but, when she was 15, she began playing tenor-sax for her school orchestra and fell in love with the instrument. She has also had classical training on the flute and the clarinet. In her career, she has contributed to the music of a wide variety of groups, worked as a studio musician, performed in the theatre and in classical music, composed music and lyrics for other ensembles (including fusion and electronic music projects), conducted big bands, and worked as an educator. She has recently been chosen for a tour in Japan by the Japanese jazz pianist Takashi Matsunaga.

Since forming the Sarah Elgeti Quartet, she has toured throughout Europe, composed and arranged all of the repertoire for her group, and recorded two highly-rated albums: Into The Open and Synchronize. Sarah Elgeti, who paints pictures in each song through her playing and her writing, is heard at her best throughout Dawn Comes Quietly. 




Label: Gateway Music SEALBUM3c

Artist Website: 

EAN Code : 5707471063668 

Release Date: FEBRUARY 21, 2020

1- Magical Thinking 5:03 

2- Whereto? 7:01 

3- Changing Whispers 5:35 

4- A Lot of People-A Lot of Sad Stories 5:53 

5- Autumn 5:42 

6- Crazy Destiny 3:32 

7- Introspection 5:57 

8- Gather Courage 4:46 

9- Snow 6:39

10- En sommeraften 5:01

11- Tit er jeg glad 4:11

Compositions and Lyrics by Sarah Elgeti except #10 and 11, Carl Nielsen Compositions arranged by Sarah Elgeti


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