Peter Slavid - European Jazz Show 5

February 12, 2020
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Peter Slavid's European Jazz Hour: 2020-5


PLAYLIST - First Broadcast February 9th Hayes FM

Andre Canniere - Ghost Days (Whirlwind)


Ava Trio - Digging the Sand (Marocco Music)


Sooon - Youchz Now (self)


Nacka Forum - Så Stopper Festen (Moserobie)


Pablo Held - Ascent (Edition)


Day & Taxi - Devotion (Percaso)


Reverso - The Melodic Line (Outnote)


Ron Caines/Martin Archer - Dream Feathers   (Discus)


Sam Newbould - Blencathra (self)




Andre Canniere

Ava Trio


Nacka Forum

Pablo Held

Day & Taxi


Ron Caines/Martin Archer