Jon Dalton (feat. Sheila Ellis) Out of the River

October 14, 2020 - 04:40 PM - 1077 views

And a quote from Jon”This is a song that came to me all at once, late one night. It felt like it was being offered by voices from the deep past and the far future.”

Here is the link to Jon’s bandcamp site where you can find out more informaion and of course to most importantly but purchase it

This the second release by Jon Dalton from the yet untitled album,Jon is a brit that resides these days in sunny Los Angeles, California. 

 And as the album slowly progresses,he has enlisted once again Annabell Ellis (Annabel lee) as his lead vocalist and Richard Ellis as the producer extraordinaire,along with a group of influential musician’s to add to the magical blending Including another fellow brit Jon Paul -Gard organ maestro.  

The whole feeling of the recording is like one of those old french black and white avant garde films reworked into an uplifting spiritual journey; it’s something very special for those of today’s more discerning visual & listening audience. 

This is a new video to go alongside the single release,so sit back and enjoy this beauty !

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